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Dall Energy, an innovative Danish-based biomass energy technologies company, secures a €10+ million investment from Eiffel Essentiel to strengthen execution capabilities and accelerate growth

Hørsholm, Denmark – Dall Energy, the innovative Danish-based biomass solutions engineering company, announces that it has closed a €10m+ equity investment from Eiffel Essentiel, the impact energy transition-focused private equity arm of  Eiffel Investment Group.

Dall Energy, founded in 2007 by CEO and majority shareholder Jens Dall Bentzen, has developed an innovative furnace enabling the energetic valorization of biomass inputs for district heating network operators and industrial clients. So far, Dall Energy has built 58 MW across Denmark (notably in Sindal, Sønderborg and Sorø), the US and France (Dalkia in Rouen). Recently, the company has been experiencing significant commercial successes in France with the signing of a 22 MW project for a process industry company and of a 13 MW district heating network with Coriance. Dall Energy is also progressing in the Danish market, where a new contract for a 20MW plant for Silkeborg Forsyning has been signed. This project will be optimized for co-operation with heat pumps.

The company operates in a booming biomass-based heating market, which is expected to experience strong growth in the coming years notably driven by the ambitious European decarbonization targets. Large-scale European and domestic incentive programs are being implemented and developed to foster clean district heating facilities development. Its vigorous commercial pipeline underlines customers’ appetite for Dall Energy solution.

Eiffel Essentiel’s €10m+ investment will be used to strengthen Dall Energy’s human resources and organizational structure, enhance execution capabilities to safely deliver a growing number of projects, accelerate commercial developments in core and adjacent markets, and continue innovation and technological developments including the building of a demonstration plant for a brand-new wastewater-sludge and biogas-fibre pyrolysis technology.

“We are delighted to have secured this investment from Eiffel Essentiel,” declares Jens Dall Bentzen, CEO of Dall Energy. “The company being at a tipping point of its development, this investment will enable us to strongly accelerate our commercial developments in Europe while pursuing our R&D efforts, innovation being at the heart of our model. We are convinced that Eiffel Essentiel is the perfect match to help us achieving our development goals and continue to be at the forefront of providing innovative sustainable solutions.”

“Dall’s technological track-record won us over and we are excited to partner with Dall Energy and support its ambitious growth plans and innovation agenda,” said Thibault Vanpeene, Director of Eiffel Essentiel. “Dall Energy’s innovative furnace concept and sustainable solutions are fully aligned with our impact growth investing strategy focused on innovative energy transition solutions.”

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