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Cleverly Connected: K2 Base now with a convenient interface to the webshops of many wholesalers

Digital, fast, error-free – this is the new way orders can be made by using the K2 Base planning tool. A new K2+ feature has made it possible. Thanks to this innovative interface, PV professionals can directly add their desired items to the shopping cart of leading European PV and electrical wholesalers after completing the design of the mounting system. The ordering process is thus significantly simplified – without error-prone manual transfer work and without additional intermediate steps in email programs.

Thanks to this digital connection with renowned wholesalers, a total of 23 European webshops will be linked initially, with more wholesalers joining in the following months.

Willem Haag, Co-CEO of K2 Systems, is delighted:

“True to our motto ‘Connecting Strength’, with this new interface, we are connecting even more closely with our long-standing distribution partners to speed up the planning and ordering process. This creates a more comfortable data transfer that reduces unnecessary transfer errors and improves collaboration.”


The advantages of the new K2+ interface at a glance:

  • A faster, easier, and less error-prone ordering process
  • No more manual handling by the planner (for example, by needing to send the list of items via email to the respective wholesaler)
  • Elimination of possible errors associated with manual transmission
  • Quick selection of preferred wholesalers (in MyK2)
  • Transparent data transmission, as K2 Base indicates whether all items could be successfully added to the distributor’s shopping cart
  • Continuous additions of wholesaler webshops


To set up the interface with preferred webshops, the administrator of the company account can select favorites from the list all available wholesalers in MyK2. After planning a PV project in K2 Base, the employee receives a summary with a list of all required products for the project-specific substructure. Then by clicking on the button ”K2+ Wholesalers Webshop” he will be able to see the preferred webshops. He can then select the appropriate webshop and the automatic transmission starts.

Info box

Overview of the webshops involved in the launch (as of 10/04/2024)

Adalbert Zajadacz (Germany)                                                           IFIX-Solar (Austria)
Alexander Bürkle (Germany)                                                            Krannich Solar (Germany + Austria)
BEWO Elektrogroßhandel (Germany)                                            Manitu Solar (Poland)
Debrunner Acifer (Swiss)                                                                   Memodo (Germany)
EastSolar (Romania)                                                                           MOSTER Elektrogroßhandel (Germany)
Elektro Seiwert (Germany)                                                                PILOTAGE (France)
elwateg Elektrogroßhandel (Germany)                                           Rexel (Sweden)
Ernst Granzow Elektrogroßhandel (Germany)                             Uwe Wiemann Elektro- und Solargroßhandel (Germany)
FEGA & Schmitt Elektrogroßhandel (Germany)                          VOLTANEO (France)
Friedrich Streb (Germany)                                                                YESSS Pro (France)
H. Gautzsch Elektrogroßhandel (Germany+ Austria)                  Zander Gruppe (Germany)

About K2 Systems:

We connect strengths: innovative mounting systems, digital technology and people with the know-how and energy to drive sustainable solutions.

Since 2004, K2 Systems has stood for global power generation from solar energy. The heart is the development of easy-toinstall mounting systems that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. The soul is the common spirit of all employees. Together, we define technical innovation and set new service standards digitally as well.

At our headquarters in Renningen and our twelve international locations, we develop and sell mounting systems together with 400 employees for the photovoltaic systems of this world.

Press contact: Nina Oral | +49 (0) 7159 42 059 – 490 | n.oral@k2-systems.com