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Chemitek Solar’s Solar Wash Protect and Water Softening Agent are the World’s first products proven safe to use on Floating PV

Chemitek Solar, a leader in biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning and protection solutions for the solar industry, is pleased to announce the results of its ecotoxicity study on its Solar Wash Protect (SWP) and Water Softening Agent (WSA) products for use in the cleaning of Floating PV (FPV). This new report, conducted by the Portuguese laboratory Centre for Waste Valorization (CVR), assessed, and confirmed the safety of the products for the aquatic fauna and flora commonly found in the bodies of water where FPV is installed.

The study reveals that the SWP only needs a column of water, under the modules, with a depth of 6cm (2.36 in) to be under the safety threshold. The WSA results indicate the need of an even lower column of water of only 1mm (0.04 in). FPV plants have, on average, a column of water under the modules of over 1m (3.28 ft) which is well over the requirements found by the study.

The maintenance of Floating Photovoltaic plants is often quite challenging due to the presence of birds. They use the modules as safe haven from most predators and also as an heat source. Their presence leads to continuous soiling with bird droppings which are challenging to clean with just water. The use of Chemitek Solar’s solutions will make the cleaning easier and faster thus reducing the O&M costs of the plant and increasing its performance.


The Water Softening Agent is designed to capture the mineral ions present in hard water to avoid the appearance of hard water spots and stains after the cleaning.

The Solar Wash Protect is a 2 in 1, cleaning and protection, product designed for cleaning organic soiling and apply an antistatic antisoiling coating on the modules. The cleaning agent, present in the formula, makes removing the droppings completely much simpler and faster. The presence of the coating will reduce the adhesion of the droppings to the modules, making them easier to be cleaned in the next cleaning.

This study reaffirms Chemitek Solar’s unwavering commitment to safety, sustainability and to providing the best solutions for the problems specific to the solar industry.

Chemitek Solar is an advocate for Floating PV due to the several advantages offered for renewable energy generation. They optimize land use by utilizing water surfaces, reduce water evaporation, and benefit from natural cooling effects. They also avoid competition with agriculture, can be deployed in various water bodies, and offer potential for higher efficiency due to reduced panel heating.

About Center for Waste Valorization (CVR): The CVR is a non-profit research institute dedicated to studying and developing innovative solutions for waste management and environmental protection. CVR works with the industry and municipalities to promote the efficient and sustainable recovery of waste materials.

About Chemitek Solar: Chemitek Solar is a leading Portuguese industrial manufacturer specializing in innovative and biodegradable contaminants removal agents and soiling mitigation coatings for photovoltaic panels. With a strong commitment to sustainability and technological advancement, Chemitek Solar strives to optimize solar energy production, reduce the O&M costs of solar installations, and promote water conservation.

For more information regarding the study, please contact:

Sandra Pereira | PR Manager @ Chemitek Solar | info@chemitek.pt | +351 253 148 695 or visit our website at www.chemiteksolar.com.