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BYD Battery-Box: More than 100000 Systems, Delivered to the European Residential Market in 2021

Shenzhen/Berlin, January 10, 2022 – BYD Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rechargeable batteries, looks back at a very eventful year 2021. The company sees an exponential growth in the demand and market share for its modular energy storage system Battery-Box. The delivery volume for Europe amounts to a total of one Gigawatt hour (GWh) of battery capacity in 2021 and doubled compared to 2020. In addition, the Battery-Box product series achieved a new efficiency record and proved to be one of the most popular and most reliable solutions across the globe.

Overall BYD saw a strong growth across the European market with Germany in the lead followed by Italy, Austria and Switzerland. More than 100000 systems, especially the high-voltage models Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM for the residential market, were delivered to European customers. In a survey, installers also ranked the Battery-Box series as their top choice in 2021(i). As Europe is a very important market for BYD, these results confirmed the successful cooperation with the European partners and customers.

Reliability proven across the globe

In addition to the strong growth in Europe the company also saw a strong business year in APAC, Africa and the Americas. The Battery-Box proved to be one of the most popular energy storage systems across the globe, and installations from the Arctic circle to central Africa proofed that the Battery-Box runs reliably under even the most extreme conditions, making it not only the top choice for European residential homes but also for mission critical implementations at hospitals and for humanitarian projects in remote locations. Take a look at some of our most extreme project examples.

With more than 200000 installed systems running trouble-free across the globe the Battery-Box managed to prove that with the right storage system, renewable energy can service as one of the most reliable energy options for on- and off-grid applications including emergency energy supply energy backup.

New efficiency record

The modular Battery-Box system established itself on the market due to the high reliability, flexibility, and easy installation. Thorough testing by third parties confirmed that it is also one of the most efficient systems on the market. In 2021 the BYD Battery-Box Premium in combination with equally efficient inverter solutions by partners, achieved top positions in the annual System Performance Index (SPI) ranking executed by the Berlin University for Technology and Economy (HTW). The BYD Battery-Box was the only system to achieve a class “A” rating in both systems categories of 5kWp and 10kWp. With the new Battery-Box Premium the system efficiency of 94,6% for the 10kWp model and 92,2% for the 5kWp model could also be increased again, compared to the results from last year.

Expanding customer support for 2022

“The past year was certainly eventful and came with new challenges”, said Julia Chen, Global Director BYD Battery-Box. “Like many manufacturers we were faced with supply shortages and transport interruptions, a high price fluctuation and a very difficult to assess overall market situation during the pandemic. As we produce the most critical system components in-house, including the battery cells, and supply our partners with a complete system, we could however tackle the challenges and secure a high delivery rate. This way – despite all the difficulties – 2021 has become the most successful year so far for the Battery-Box team.”

“We are especially proud of the positive feedback from our partners and clients who were able to expand their own successful installation track-record utilizing the Battery-Box system family and named the Battery-Box as their favorite solution in recent surveys among installers and distributors”, Julia Chen continues. “For 2022 we are investing to further increase the production to supply the strongly growing demand and we are also expanding the support for customers and installers.”