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BrightView Unveils In-line Process Control and Optimization Tool for Thin-Film Solar Cell Manufacturing

BrightView Systems today unveiled the InSight M Series, the world’s first in-line process control and optimization tool developed specifically to
address the challenges faced by thin-film solar cell manufacturers. The Wide Area Metrology (WAM) system provides continuous monitoring and whole-panel mapping of critical material and process parameters at full production throughput and for 100% of manufactured panels. Easily  integrated at key steps in any thin-film production line including single-junction and multi-junction silicon, the system allows panel producers to implement process optimization solutions that enhance average panel efficiency, improve line productivity and verify full compliance with the strictest durability and quality requirements.

The system architecture allows for easy integration into the design of new production lines or insertion into existing ones, including Gen 5 and Gen 8.5 lines. With its innovative True CellTM technology, the InSight is able to measure and map critical layers on-the-fly within the actual product stack, providing continuous process fingerprinting that drives production improvement, excursion detection and line productivity.

The InSight M Series represents a systems approach to enhancing thin-film production. The BrightView tool is complemented by an intuitive operating interface and state-of-the-art software modules that allow easy implementation and customization of intelligent line monitoring recipes, spanning all production stages, from process integration, through pilot and multi-location volume manufacturing. The methodology provides customers with 24/7 visibility into their manufacturing process, allowing them to realize the value of in-line monitoring within days of InSight installation.

“By combining an in-line metrology technology and matching spatial data analysis solutions that are driven by in-depth knowledge of thin-film PV process and volume production, the InSight M Series is the integral solution for improving thin-film PV panel efficiency and long-term reliability,”  said Benny Shoham, CEO, BrightView Systems. “Thin-film manufacturers are now able to differentiate their products, and optimize their production lines in order to boost productivity, and profitability.”

About BrightView Systems
BrightView delivers comprehensive process control and optimization solutions dedicated to thin-film solar panel manufacturing. With a profound understanding of photovoltaic cell physics, process development and mass production, BrightView’s core technologies span inline metrology, imaging and unique data analysis packages specifically designed for thin-film solar manufacturing. BrightView solutions improve the efficiency, durability and bankability of panels and provide integral solutions for improving thin-film PV productivity and profitability. For more information, visit www.brightview-sys.com

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