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AEROCOMPACT expands its COMPACTFLAT SN2 PV flat roof system for installations in portrait format

Satteins, Austria, Feb. 2024. On 1 February, PV mounting system expert AEROCOMPACT launched an extension for the COMPACTFLAT SN2 rail-based flat roof system on the European market. Thanks to the new SN2 Q PLUS variant, solar modules measuring up to 1310 x 2500 mm can now be installed in portrait format.

Better utilisation of roof surfaces and reduced material costs

Installation in portrait format, not only ensures the more efficient utlisation of the roof area, but also the eaves and ridge gaps can be freely selected. The module field can also end at the high side. The SN2 Q PLUS makes it possible to clamp modules on the long side with the same amount of material as with short-side clamps.

More flexibility

“With SN2 Q PLUS, we are creating even more flexibility for flat roof installations”, says Albert Vonbun, Head of Global Product Management at AEROCOMPACT. Albert adds: “Our COMPACTFLAT SN2 system can now be installed in a total of 21 variants.” In addition to three different clamping options (short-side, long-side and long-side quarter clamping), there are also three different options of rail installation: short, connected and long. The SN2 Q flat roof system also has five different ballast positions. The system provides so much choice and freedom and yet it only has 31 components.

AEROCOMPACT has designed the SN2 Q PLUS system for installations of 950 to 1310 x 1550 to 2500 mm solar modules on concrete, bitumen, foil or gravel roofs with installation angles of 5° or 10°.

Protected against lightning strikes and accidents

The racking manufacturer offers specially developed lightning protection clamps and system-integrated fall protection as an option for the mounting system. Like all mounting systems, AEROCOMPACT has also tested the SN2 Q PLUS variant in the wind tunnel; integrated it into the AEROTOOL planning software; offers CE-certification and continues to provide a 25 year product guarantee.


AEROCOMPACT is an innovative supplier of solar mounting solutions offering a unique com-bination of engineering expertise, the AEROTOOL® digital platform and global market access. The company’s core competence is the development, production and distribution of aerody-namically optimized substructures for mounting photovoltaic modules, taking into account all static requirements, wind and snow loads as well as the highest industry standards and norms. Thanks to the AEROTOOL® digital platform, planners and end customers worldwide can quickly and easily plan solar systems, calculate their cost-effectiveness and order the AERO-COMPACT products required for the substructure in an automated process. AEROCOMPACT was founded in 2014 by Mathias Muther in Schlins, Vorarlberg, Austria. AEROCOMPACT cur-rently employs ca. 150 people worldwide and has subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, the US, India and Bulgaria. As well as its own global sales presence AEROCOMPACT serve various customer groups such as installers, wholesalers and project developers with system solutions for the Residential, Commercial and Industrial as well as Utility sectors.


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