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450 Wp glass-glass modules: Solarwatt sets new TOPCon standard

24th April 2024, Dresden, Germany – Maximum output, sustainable and fair: with a new generation of solar modules, Solarwatt is once again emphasising its role as a trendsetter for pioneering product innovations in the solar industry. The Dresden-based company is now offering solar modules with the highly efficient TOPCon cell technology with an output of 450-watt peak (Wp). Previously, the maximum output of solar modules on the market was 445 Wp. The new class of Solarwatt modules is available in both glass-glass and glass-foil versions from Solarwatt UK & Ireland.

Exceptional robustness enables long product service life

For Gregor Kuschmann, Director, PM Panels, the modules mark a new level of innovation at Solarwatt. “It’s part of our corporate culture at Solarwatt not to be satisfied with what we already have – we always strive for the best products and solutions for our customers. That’s why I am so proud we have succeeded in setting a new benchmark in terms of efficiency and durability with its performance class of our TOPCon solar modules.” The SOLARWATT glass-glass modules are available as bifacial half-cell modules of the SOLARWATT Panel vision M 5.0 variant in the style, black and pure versions (up to 450 Wp each). They have a 35mm aluminium frame and impress with their exceptional robustness against the effects of weather and mechanical loads.

The TOPCon modules in the glass-foil version are also available as SOLARWATT Panel classic 3.0 modules in pure and black (up to 450 Wp each) with a 35 mm aluminium frame. Solarwatt provides a 30-year product and performance guarantee for the glass-glass modules. “Even after three decades, we can still guarantee performance of at least 90 per cent for the glass-glass modules. Homeowners can therefore look forward to an extremely long product service life and benefit from the advantages of solar power generation in the long term.” Says module expert Kuschmann. The product guarantee for glass-foil modules is 20 years, while the performance guarantee is 25 years.

Over 50 per cent less CO2 emissions per solar module

In addition to its high performance, the new solar module generation from SOLARWATT is also characterised as a very low CO2 module. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and production processes in zero-carbon factories certified in TÜV Süd, the CO2 footprint per TOPCon solar module is less than 220 kg CO2eq. By comparison, the production of a standard panel available on the market generates an average of more than 600 kg CO2. The previous Solarwatt module generation of the Panel AM series had a CO2 footprint of approx. 590m kg. “With our new version of the highly efficient TOPCon modules, we were able to reduce the CO2 footprint by almost two thirds,” explains Gregor Kuschmann proudly, adding: “If you also put the CO2 footprint in relation to the CO2 savings potential of the solar system, the new modules save more carbon dioxide after less than 15 months than was necessary for their production.” Extrapolated to the planned number of solar modules sold, Solarwatt will save around one million tonnes of CO2 per year during production.

High recycling rates and fair manufacturing conditions

In addition, the new solar modules fulfil the highest recycling quotas for raw materials and meets the Dresden-based company’s demand for a holistically environmentally friendly production methods in line with the circular economy. Accordingly, 75 per cent of the aluminium for the module frames comes from recycling, 45 per cent of the silicon used to manufacture the solar cells and 20 per cent for the glass used in the photovoltaic modules.

Solarwatt also ensures a transparent supply chain and works exclusively with suppliers of raw materials and materials that have committed to the employment standards of the International Labour Organisation, a specialised agency of the United Nations. These include fair pay for employees, the strict exclusion of child and forced labour and organised representation of employee interests.

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Founded in 1993, Solarwatt GmbH is one of Germany’s solar pioneers and drivers of innovation for efficient self-sufficiency with solar power, sustainable heat and electromobility. The company offers home and business owners photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and e-car charging solutions in an integrated, premium quality systems and supports its customers and partners with decades of expertise. Solarwatt has stood for premium-quality research, development, and production for more than 30 years. Solarwatt is almost 100% owned by Stefan Quandt, who is also the major shareholder in BMW. Further information: solarwatt.co.uk

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