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The Last Word

So: the European super grid. We at PES are broadly enthusiastic about the scheme, but what do our esteemed peers in the wind industry make of it? Here’s what some of them have had to say…

“[The] North Sea grid will connect offshore wind to our electricity supply, enabling Europe to exploit its largest untapped energy source”
Paolo Berrino, European Wind Energy Association

“In general, some grids are being constructed already and some others are planned, some grid projects have received a boost with funding allocated by the European Investment Bank and the European Economic Recovery Plan… It will [allow] trade in electricity between countries, thereby bringing more competition into the market and reducing electricity prices”
Konstantin Staschus, secretary-general of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E)

“What we had before were national and regional plans but no EU-wide overview. You could call this transparency of transmission infrastructure planning… our commitment to our energy and climate change targets remains as strong as ever. There will be a major push on energy efficiency in the next five years. A clear focus on developing the ‘European super grid'”
José Manuel Barroso, President Of The European Commission

“With smart grids we basically merge the internet with the electricity grid… Building up smart grids is a huge business opportunity, especially for IT companies. In Europe the annual investment needed will be around €5 billion. That would cost a European household less than five Euros a year. To unlock this urgently needed investment in new climate friendly infrastructure, we need energy policies which support the transition towards close to 100% renewables in the power sector”
Greenpeace International Senior Energy Expert, Sven Teske

“We welcome the EU initiative for a better use of renewable energies which shows we can deliver a smart, super grid and expand renewable energy supplies in parallel”
Christine Lins, EREC Director General


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