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Sway seeks concession for test turbine in Oygarden

SWAY AS has applied for a test concession from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate for constructing a test turbine in Naturgassparken in Oygarden (West Coast of Norway). The construction of the prototype will be conditional on financial support from Enova. The wind turbine will have a capacity of 10 MW and a rotor diameter of 145 meters. 


The test turbine is among the largest in the world. The turbine is an offshore turbine, but initially SWAY wants to test the turbine onshore for a period of 2 to 5 years. The turbine will be removed when the testing is completed. SWAY is evaluating other locations for testing, but for now the primary focus is on Oygarden.

By co-locating the test turbine with Naturgassparken industrial area, SWAY can benefit from the fact that the area is already restricted to industrial use. Impact assessments have also been established in the area, in connection with the Kollsnes Wind Park. The test position is at the south side of Ljosoyna, which is located in the north eastern corner of Naturgassparken industrial area. The location is as far away as possible from the existing settlement at Ooy and Blomoy.

SWAY’s CEO, Eystein Borgen, reveals that the new turbine is the result of a considerable amount of research and development: “We have worked on this turbine since 2004, and a significant amount of testing is still required before commercialization”. The turbine, which is developed by SWAY, comes in addition to the turbine from AREVA Multibrid and will provide options for the buyers of SWAY’s floating wind turbine systems in the future.

“Initially we will only offer our floating wind turbine solution with AREVA Multibrid’s turbine, in line with the announced partnership with the French energy giant. Later we will also be able to offer SWAY’s own 10MW turbine. The test turbine in Oygarden will be an important step in offering flexibility to SWAY’s customers in the future, through multiple alternative turbine solutions”.

Contact persons:

CEO Eystein Borgen, phone +47 92 06 20 63
CFO Michal Forland, phone +47 93 41 44 07

About SWAY:

SWAY is a Norwegian renewable technology company, with world leading competence on floating wind turbines located in deep water. The patented SWAY® system: Floating wind turbine system that produce power in deepwater locations where the average wind speed is higher and where the location of turbines will be less controversial. See more information on www.sway.no