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Solar wafer inspection in a split second

The solar wafer production has high demands on quality control. Automatic optical inspection by machine vision systems is therefore of great importance. The business division of image processing & intra-logistics in Eckelmann AG, Wiesbaden, has developed a system for inline inspection of mono- and polycrystalline raw wafers, which steadily detects errors in geometry, surface defects and dislocations in the crystall structure.


Furthermore, the system measures precisely geometrical characteristics such as edge lengths, corner angles and chamfer lengths of square and pseudo square silicon wafers. The system is applicable of measuring gauge, the detection of its capability can be adduced semi-automatically, due to preprogrammed procedures in the system.

In addition to reliability and accuracy, the new machine vision system impresses particularly with its clock cycle: At two image acquisitions per wafer, the time for measuring and processing adds up to 0.8 sec. Including transport times, up to 3,600 wafers can be examined by the system.

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