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SGS Statutory Services Belgium becomes Authorized Inspection Organization

SGS Statutory Services Belgium becomes Authorized Inspection Organization (AIO) for the Certification of Belgian Offshore Installations for the Production of Electrical Energy from Renewable Energy Sources

In October 2009, SGS Statutory Services Belgium received authorization to conduct the certification of Belgian offshore installations for the production of electricity from renewable energy. This authorization clearly demonstrates SGS’s capabilities in inspecting offshore wind farms in the North Sea and providing certification as premise for green certificates.

Wind power is gaining more importance in the quest for renewable energy sources. More and more wind parks are now situated offshore, where the winds blow harder and where wind farms do not interfere with the surrounding landscape.

However, offshore wind farms involve new risks and challenges. The location’s water depth, soil, wave, current and ice conditions are likewise considered as critical parameters. Therefore a fit-for-service approval is necessary to assure the wind farm performs as intended.

Belgium is at the forefront of installing offshore wind farms and is among the first European Union (EU) member states to operate large offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

Since 2003, SGS Statutory Services Belgium (SGS SSB) has been an Authorized Inspection Body in the Walloons and Flemish markets for onshore installations. With the increasing development of offshore wind farms in the Belgian North Sea, SGS SSB decided to become also an authorized inspection body in order to be able to inspect and certify offshore wind farms.

On October 16, 2009, SGS SSB was finally accredited as Authorized Inspection Organization (AIO) by the Belgian Federal Minister of Energy, for the certification of Belgian offshore installations for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. The accreditation required intensive training of SGS inspectors and passing a technical audit performed by the Belgian Accreditation Body (BELAC).

SGS SSB is proud to be now in a position to inspect and certify offshore installations. After verifying that the installations meet all technical requirements, SGS SSB provides a certificate which indicates how much electricity is generated by the use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). This certificate is required by the wind farm operator to obtain green certificates from the Regulation Commission for Electricity and Gas.

The green certificates were recently implemented by the European Union as an incentive system in order to support the reduction of greenhouse gases. A green certificate is a tradable commodity and signifies that certain electricity is generated using renewable energy sources. The operators of certified installations of electricity production from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and combined heat and power systems receive green certificates proportional to the MWh produced. Several countries, including Belgium, use green certificates as a means to drive the support of green electricity generation closer to a market economy instead of bureaucratic investment support.

SGS Wind Energy Services

SGS Wind Energy Services provides verification, inspection, testing and certification worldwide for onshore and offshore wind farm projects, in order to improve project viability and to enhance the quality of wind farms. The services offered by SGS encompass the entire project lifecycle of wind turbines ranging from Project Feasibility Assessments and Wind Farm Project Certification, to Risk Management, Review of Maintenance Management Programs and Condition Monitoring. Recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity, the strength of SGS comes from its experienced staff who have the requisite technical expertise in wind energy technology.

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