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Pihl wins 128 million USD harbour contract in Lebanon

E. Pihl & Son A.S.’s new contract includes an extension of Beirut’s container terminal. 

In tight competition with other civil engineering contractors from Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Pihl has won a contract for an extension of Beirut’s container terminal in joint venture with Hourie who are a Lebanese based company.


The extension of the harbour includes a new 500 metre long quay and a new container yard of 180,000 square metres. The new quay is an extension of the existing 600 metre long quay and breakwater, which was built by Pihl in 1998.

The new quay and container yard is positioned in an area with difficult subsoil conditions, due to among other things, the close proximity to the mouth of Beirut River. To compensate for this, the quay is constructed on 50 metre long concrete piles with a diameter of 1.4 metre. The area behind the quay will be established on reclaimed land and the contract also includes soil improvement, vertical drains, pavement and miscellaneous yard components such as reefers, substations, fencing and lighting etc.

In connection with the new quay and yard the dock is to be excavated to a depth of -17.5 metres to allow the docking of large container ships. Excavation works are by a combination of dredging, excavation and blasting of rock. Finally, the new quay and yard is to be reinforced by means of sheet piling, and to protect the structure further, Pihl will install rock and concrete accropodes.

Pihl and Hourie has won the contract for USD 128.1 million in a competitive tender with eight international bidders and the contract is awarded by the local harbour authorities, Gestion et Exploitation du Port de Beyrouth (GEPB).

The contract period is 915 days of which the first 180 days is allocated to geological investigations before the work can be finally designed and built. The building period is two years, and Pihl will station approximately 15 engineers and foremen in Beirut to manage the work and supervise locally hired workers.

´Pihl is pleased to have won the contract for the Lebanese harbour authorities, and we look forward to cooperate with the authorities once again,´ says civil engineer Ghassan Farah who is responsible for Pihl’s acquisitions abroad and have won contracts for a number of harbour projects in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean area.

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