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PES New issue – PV comes of age

PES is proud to announce the publication of its latest issue, subtitled: PV comes of age – solar power and the push for mainstream acceptance.

Has the PV industry finally come of age? Well, the statistics certainly look good, even if the economic downturn has – temporarily, perhaps – slightly dented the industry’s image as one which seemed to offer unlimited growth. And, credit crunch aside, there is still much to celebrate, particularly in Europe. The continent accounted for no less than 82 per cent of world demand in 2008 and Spain saw an unprecedented 285 per cent growth in PV installations. Overall, world solar PV market installations reached a record high of 5.95 GW, representing 110 per cent growth over the previous year.

These signs are certainly very positive, but in the issue we delved deeper into this, the subject that is on everyone’s lips. Find out more in your copy.

As always, the magazine features all the latest news, as well as products and developments from across the world. In addition, it encompasses comment from all the people matter in the industry as well as going behind the scenes of Europe’s burgeoning PV sector.

We offered Steve Buehler, Senior Director, Communications, at SEMI, a platform for his views on how strategic thinking and a properly thought-out framework can galvanise the microelectronic and photovoltaic sectors. We caught up with Bryan Ekus, one year into his tenure at the helm of the International Photovoltaic Equipment Association, and Robert Mertens, Senior Fellow at IMEC, told us about the technological developments and research projects going on behind closed doors in the photovoltaic sector.

Plus, we presented an exclusive extract from the European Photovoltaic Industry Association’s new report into the future of the sector.

For more insider information and unmissable insight, get your copy of PES today.