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New investment group launched to exploit environmental economic growth

Stanley Fink, the driver behind Man Group’s growth to become the world’s largest hedge fund group, has announced the formation of Earth Capital Partners LLP (ECP), a new business with a specialist focus on environmental investment.

“Our objective will be to deliver attractive returns by investing in projects,


companies and financial instruments, which address sustainable development challenges, such as climate change, water scarcity and energy security,” said Stanley Fink, Chairman of the new group.

“Sustainable Development – ‘meeting the needs of today without jeopardising the ability of future generations to meet their needs’ – is at the heart of our model,” he added.

ECP is creating a professional investment advisory platform which will support a series of funds, each with a strategy to deliver attractive risk return characteristics and low correlation to both traditional and alternative investments. Target investors will include institutions, foundations, sovereign wealth funds and others, each of whom should also respond positively to ECP’s focus on sustainability that is embedded in the group’s culture and values.

Rufus Warner, CEO, said, “ECP’s mission is to build a fund platform of institutional quality and scale to invest in real assets that make a meaningful difference. ECP aims to lead change in financial markets by demonstrating that financing the transition to a low CO2, low pollution, resource efficient economy can be achieved sustainably and profitably.”