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KitPackers Offers 3MTM Repackaging Capability

KitPackers®, an Ellsworth Company, recently announced an agreement to be a 3MTM adhesive repackager. This agreement provides the 3MTM Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division with custom modification and packaging solutions for a wide range of one or two-component 3MTM Liquid Adhesive products such as epoxies, acrylics, urethanes, and premixed and frozen. The streamlined process allows the capability to provide rapid quotes, and fast turnaround on samples or finished goods. KitPackers custom packaging solutions ensure the correct package size, color, viscosity, or fillers for any packaging need. A comprehensive list of packaging capabilities, custom modifications and testing and documentation offerings can be found at www.kitpackers.com.

The service is ideal for 3MTM adhesive customers and resellers who wish to use 3MTM adhesive products in non-standard packaging specified by customers and resellers. KitPackers specializes in developing chemical-packaging solutions that meet critical application requirements.

“KitPackers is excited about the credibility and new business growth opportunities this partnership with industry leader 3MTM will bring,” stated Jamie Ellsworth, KitPackers President.

About Kitpackers

KitPackers is a premier packager of one component and two component industrial chemicals such as adhesives, encapsulants, sealants, coatings, greases, lubricants, cleaners, primers and a wide variety of other specialty chemicals. KitPackers specializes in repackaging chemistries such as epoxies, silicones, urethanes, polysulfides, and acrylics. Additionally, KitPackers is fully equipped to handle, store, repackage and ship hazardous and temperature sensitive materials. KitPackers can be contacted directly at 866-322-8322 or by logging onto www.kitpackers.com.

Contact Information:

Roberta J Gorzek

Marketing Communications Manager

Ellsworth Corporation


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