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Intelligent Water Treatment Solution

Water, as the source of life, is an essential key resource in human life. With the development of society, problems such as water shortage and water environmental pollution have become increasingly prominent. How to upgrade of traditional water resources management with newer, more efficient and smarter technologies, equipment and solutions is more important now.

Micro Sensor has a series of water treatment monitoring products and intelligent application solutions such as water management, sewage treatment, water purification treatment, etc. Facilitating automation of water resources management, it helps to improve industrial operation efficiency comprehensively and realize the dual benefits of energy saving and environmental protection.

Industrial Sewage Treatment

With the acceleration of industrialization process, environmental pollution has become increasingly serious, and the discharge of industrial wastewater has also increased significantly. If the wastewater is discharged without treatment, it will cause serious pollution to the environment and drinking water.

In the sewage treatment process, various data such as the flow rate of discharged sewage, additives, sludge, etc., the pressure value of the pipeline in the treatment system, the liquid level of each treatment tank, and the water quality all affect the operation and treatment effect of the industrial sewage treatment system. Those all play an important role, so the real-time monitoring is extremely important.

Micro Sensor MFE600E series electromagnetic flowmeters, MPM483 pressure transmitters, MPM489 pressure transmitter and other products can be used in industrial sewage treatment processes to detect the flow and pressure values of pipeline fluids in real time to ensure the stable and effective operation of the reuse water system. At the same time, at the water inlet and outlet, other electrochemical and media analysis sensors are used to monitor the water and discharge environmental indicators of the entire plant in real time.

MFE600E Electromagnetic Flow Meter

  • Accuracy: up to 0.2 grade accuracy.
  • Pressure rating: maximum pipeline pressure of 25MPa can be achieved.
  • Various power supply mode
  • Flow with pressure/temperature, simultaneous detection of multiple parameters.
  • Analog & digital signal, wired & wireless output
  • all-round system docking.
  • Exd/Sanitary/CE certified.

Ecological Flow Monitoring

Ecological flow monitoring is mainly based on automatic water regime monitoring. Open channel flowmeters, electromagnetic flow meters, ultrasonic level gauges and other products can be used to monitor water level and flow. Combined with the Earth1006 remote monitoring terminal for wireless data transmission, it is used to provide services for watershed ecological protection and water administration management, hydrology and water resources monitoring, etc.

In order to protect the river’s ecological environment and promote the scientific, rational, orderly development and sustainable use of water resources, “online monitoring of ecological flow” is an important monitoring and management method. It plays an important role for the competent authority to keep track of the discharge of various hydropower stations and to ensure the ecological water demand of downstream rivers. Based on the environmental status of ecological flow monitoring, open channel flow monitoring methods are generally adopted.

It adopts products such as flow indicator, electromagnetic flow meter, ultrasonic level meter, and is equipped with Earth1006 remote monitoring terminal to realize multi-channel and multi-parameter data collection, and timely wireless transmission of data to the cloud platform to realize ecological flow data collection and storage, alarm, transmission and other comprehensive functions. This solution can be widely used in the field and wide area, unattended monitoring point for flow, liquid level and other monitoring.

Water Purification Treatment

Drinking sanitary and qualified safe water is the basic condition for human survival. With the development of new infrastructure, drinking water safety has become a significant system in municipal and water management. The construction of various drinking water safety projects, such as “Rural Drinking Water Safety Project” and “Community Direct Drinking Water System”, is also progressing rapidly. Among them, the water purification system is crucial. In the water purification system, real-time monitoring of water pipeline flow and water storage capacity in the water storage system is particularly critical. The water metering involved requires stable and reliable flow meters, pressure sensors, etc.

In order to prevent pipe bursts or insufficient water outlet pressure, large-scale pipeline systems are also essential for real-time monitoring of pipeline pressure. Micro Sensor’s products can be applied to water purification system, such as MFE600E electromagnetic flowmeter, MPM489/MPM4503 pressure transmitters, etc.

MPM4503 Pressure Transmitter

  • Range: 0MPa~3MPa, 0.6MPa, 1MPa, 1.6MPa, 2MPa, 2.5MPa, 5MPa
  • Power supply: 3.3V±3V DC; 5V±0.2V DC; 10V~28V DC
  • Output: 0.5V~5V DC; 0.5V~4.5V DC; 4mA~20mA DC; I2C
  • Working temperature: -20℃~100℃
  • Protection: IP67
  • Media compatibility: Various media compatible with 17-4PH, 304 stainless steel and nitrile rubber

Micro Sensor has over 48 years of experience in manufacturing and developing pressure measurement equipment and pressure measuring solutions. If you are looking for more information on intelligent water treatment solutions, please contact us via info@microsensorcorp.de or leave messages. Our sales engineer will reply you within 24 hours.