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IMEON ENERGY announces the release of a new solution for energy self-consumption in the tertiary and industrial sectors: X-TREM ESS

This new range of products, developed by the IMEON ENERGY teams in Brest, is intended for solar self-consumption installations in industrial and tertiary sectors. X-TREM ESS is suitable for installations requiring up to MW of power and MWh of stored energy.

X-TREM ESS is an “all-in-one” system integrating power electronics (MPPT, PCS), energy storage (lithium batteries) and Energy Management System (EMS). The solution is designed to be installed outdoors and is delivered pre-assembled, ready to connect, in order to minimize the time and effort required for the installation.

All the components of the X-TREM ESS are housed in an air-conditioned cabinet to allow deployments in environments with extreme climatic conditions while guaranteeing an optimal service life. X-TREM ESS, like all IMEON ENERGY’s products, benefits from the OS.ONE operating system which uses artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize the lifetime of the energy storage.

What is more, the X-TREM ESS provides power back-up function and can very well be used for electrification of isolated sites (with or without a generator).

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