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H.C. Starck Tops Qualifying List of Suppliers of High Grade Si3N4 Powders in PV Industry

Goslar, 7 August, 2009 – H.C. Starck, AMCP, can meet the purity requirements as set by ingot/wafer producers using their high grade Si3N4 powders. One of two suppliers qualified with their renowned Si3N4 Grade M 11 HP powder in the PV industry worldwide H.C. Starck is finding an increasing number of manufacturers selecting them as their primary supplier.


Also, H.C. Starck’s product quality and global market appearance makes them a desirable choice.

High grade Si3N4 powders are essential for purity of silicon ingots. Multicrystalline silicon ingots are obtained by melting and solidification of high purity silicon in fused silica crucible in dedicated furnaces. The purity of silicon ingots is known to be an essential parameter leading to high quality wafers – the core part of any solar cell.

The main concerns during solidification of multicrystalline silicon are to avoid impurities entering the silicon and to minimize stresses created during solidification. In the currently established production technology silica crucibles used for melting and crystallizing silicon are coated on their inside surface with a Si3N4 based coating, which facilitates an easy release of the ingot after finishing the production cycle.

The layer is sprayed on the crucible wall to prevent silicon/silica reactions that would provoke cracks and inhibit diffusion of oxygen and additional impurities from the crucible into the melt /solidified silicon. This application requires high grade Si3N4 powders provided by H.C. Starck.

Learn more about the advantages of H.C. Starck’s high grade Si3N4 powders by visiting them at the 24th EU PV SEC, Hamburg, from 21-25 September, Hall B2G, Booth 39.

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