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German start-up company JenaBatteries develops highly valued, sustainable battery technology for the energy transition

  • Metal-free redox flow batteries developed by JenaBatteries are a sustainable alternative to lithium-ion batteries for the stationary energy storage market
  • Dennemeyer Consulting values the intellectual property of JenaBatteries at M€ 238
  • Investment round for building a battery factory in Germany

Jena, 11 March 2021. Metal-free redox flow batteries are sustainable and resource-efficient energy storage devices that make green electricity from solar and wind parks available all day long. JenaBatteries GmbH plans to launch this innovative storage technology in 2021 and has taken the latest developments as an opportunity to update the company rating. Being an expert for intellectual property rights, Dennemeyer Consulting performed a valuation of the patent portfolio, know-how and umbrella trademark according to recognized standards.[1] The experts determined a total monetary value of EUR 238.7 million (before taxes). They say that the patent portfolio’s quality is of a very high level.

This evaluation comes at exciting times for JenaBatteries. Managing Director Dr. Olaf Conrad says: “JenaBatteries has succeeded in taking a promising storage technology out of the university laboratory and developed it into a revolutionary product. The Dennemeyer report confirms that we are on the right track and that it is secured by a strong patent landscape.” A passionate team of 30 employees works on market launch, battery installations with pilot customers as well as strategic and operational growth of the company. In recent years, the battery market has built momentum and presents perfect conditions for future development. Over the next three years, the team will grow to 140 people and the production capacity will be expanded with a new battery factory built in Germany. In a current funding round, JenaBatteries is raising a double-digit million euro amount. Wirthwein AG and Ranft Immobilien GmbH, both major shareholders of JenaBatteries, plan to continue their support as strong partners.

The metal-free redox flow battery is a large-scale electric storage module with the dimensions of a standard shipping container. Several such modules can be interconnected to form energy storage warehouses. In comparison to conventional batteries, the flow technology does not store energy in fixed electrodes, but in a scalable system of tanks and electrochemical cells. Metal-free materials, so-called organic salts, which are dissolved in water and stored in tanks, are used as storage media instead of metals. This renders the battery non-flammable, safe and independent of critical raw materials. Co-founder Dr. Tobias Janoschka sums up: “Metal-free flow batteries use simple energy storage materials that can be manufactured in Europe. Hence, we significantly reduce the dependency on imports of scarce resources. Our battery concept is very flexible. It is a true alternative to lithium batteries in numerous applications, such as buffering solar power, stabilizing electrical grids or supporting electric vehicle charging stations.”

[1] DIN 77100, DIN ISO 10668, Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer DW S5, International Valuation Standards Council IVS 210 

About JenaBatteries GmbH

JenaBatteries GmbH is technology leader and pioneer in the field of metal-free energy storage. The company was founded in 2012 and offers to industrial customers a sustainable and safe redox flow battery that stores electricity without the use of any critical or scarce metals. After a successful development phase, we are ready to enter the stationary storage market and provide large-scale battery systems (400 kWh and up) for numerous applications. They can be manufactured entirely in Europe by using a new raw material base. Hence, our metal-free flow batteries contribute to a successful energy transition. For more information, visit jenabatteries.de

About Dennemeyer Group
Dennemeyer Group offers high-quality services for the global protection and management of Intellectual Property rights and is committed to being the first-choice partner for customers globally. With more than 55 years of experience in the industry and 20+ offices worldwide, Dennemeyer manages nearly three million IP rights of around 8,000 customers. In addition to a full spectrum of IP-related legal services, Dennemeyer offers IP strategy consulting, comprehensive IP management software, IP payment services and cutting-edge patent search and analysis tools. For more information, visit dennemeyer.com or follow the company on LinkedIn.

About Dennemeyer IP Consulting
Dennemeyer IP Consulting helps organizations all over the world to identify and exploit the maximum potential of their Intellectual Property assets. Viewing IP from a business perspective, Dennemeyer’s consultants support their clients in securing their innovations and turning them into valuable and robust IP rights, calculating the monetary value of their IP portfolio, mitigating their IP risks, leveraging IP cost-saving potentials and transforming their IP department into a powerhouse. For more information, visit dennemeyer.com/consulting/ or follow the company on LinkedIn.

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