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EU adopts Budapest renewable energy declaration

The EU has agreed to adopt the Declaration of Budapest which will address wide ranging plans for renewable energy.

The 8th Inter-Parliamentary Meeting (IPM8) organised by EUFORES – the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources –


brought together more than 60 European and national Parliamentarians from 19 EU Member States. 

Parliamentarians discussed the negotiation status of the new European Framework Directive for Renewable Energy (RES) as well as the status of the national Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAP).

The high level meeting in the Parliament of Hungary led to the adoption of the Declaration of Budapest 2008 on future EU policies in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The Parliamentarians called for a clear and ambitious Framework Directive on Renewable Energy and to define key claims for the design of this new European legislation. They also urged Member States to implement, monitor and improve energy efficiency measures listed in their respective national Energy Efficiency Action Plans as well as work on the improvement of the second round of national Energy Efficiency Action Plans.

During the debate, it was stressed that particularly in these times of financial crisis, energy efficiency measures and renewable energy have to be supported. The EU`s responsibility and credibility to honour its energy and environmental commitments also have to be reinforced. Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency tackle the issues of energy poverty, reduce the dependency on energy imports, enforce competitiveness and limit the effects of climate change.