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"e" is more than a prefix! New Protean "Practical Guide" takes the complexity out of e-marketing

Following the success of its recent guide to social media, Protean Marketing has released the latest in its series of free ‘Practical Guide’ downloads. The next in the series tackles the subject of e-marketing, highlighting its status as a powerful CRM and prospecting tool. Aimed at the electronics industry, the new guide is already being well received and looks set to break the download record set by its predecessor.


‘A Practical Guide to e-Marketing for Brands’ introduces e-marketing as an important communications tool in the current economic climate, separating the discipline into two distinct areas – electronic Direct Marketing (eDM) and electronic Retention Marketing (eRM). The free download outlines the benefits and features of each type, from single message email shots calling a targeted and segmented recipient base to action, through to e-newsletters aimed at developing a long-term relationship with readers while positioning brands as thought leaders. The integrated marketing specialist’s download also looks at key areas of implementation including permission email, personalisation, deliverability, reader engagement and testing. By providing practical tips for each of these topics, the guide is a valuable tool for businesses looking to make the most of their marketing budget.

“As an experienced marketing communications specialist, we know that e-marketing is one of the most creative CRM and prospecting tools at the industry’s disposal,” explains Protean Managing Director, Greg Robinson. “In fact, it’s now more relevant than ever. Not simply because of its value for money amid today’s economic challenges, but also, because the advent of social media has rendered customers and prospects increasingly receptive to personalised, relevant and interactive engagement. Able to be set-up and put into practice rapidly, an e-marketing campaign offers highly targeted communication with customers and prospects, while easily measurable success rates allow for continual process refinement for even better value into the future. As is the case with all marketing tools, there’s no need for the discipline to be shrouded in complexity. The fact is, when you know what you’re doing it’s both straightforward and cost-effective – as I hope the download proves!”

As Protean suggests in the free ‘Practical Guide’ download, the days of mass mailing from a traditional email client without a second thought are certainly long gone. While not complex, planning and execution of successful e-marketing programmes are certainly an essential part of the process and as such must be considered and carefully applied. With a sophisticated email delivery system, graphic design, copywriting and strategic marketing expertise in-house, Protean has delivered successful e-marketing campaigns for clients from technology markets since the medium began in the 1990s. To download your copy of Protean’s e-marketing guide, visit http://bit.ly/emdownload.


Protean Marketing Communications Ltd is a comprehensive, business-to-business communications agency with offices in the UK, US and Asia. Founded in 1991, the company’s integrated marketing and strategic branding expertise combines uniquely with its passion for communications and wealth of creative energy. Using advertising, PR, direct mail, electronic media and design, Protean effectively conveys the core business messages of its clients to target audiences worldwide. Underpinned by its proven Brands by Design philosophy, Protean’s in-depth expertise has consistently developed positive and sustainable brand identities for a diverse client base.

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