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Dr Shrink launches new information rich website

Featuring more helpful tips and installation advice than before, Dr. Shrink’s new website is a single source for all necessary shrinkwrap knowledge. At www.dr-shrink.com, visitors can easily browse Dr. Shrink’s complete line of shrinkwrap and accessories.


Serving seasoned business owners to novice do-it-yourselfers, a convenient How-To/Training tab offers free, step-by-step directions on how to shrinkwrap a variety of objects, from boats to scaffolding.

A helpful chart enables users to find the right size shrinkwrap for their asset.

Visitors can sign up for the company’s e-newsletter to learn more details about upcoming shows, new products, tips and other special offers. The attractive site offers a full-color photo gallery, providing ideas on all the different types of objects that can be shrinkwrapped.

The website’s Contact Us page lists distributors worldwide. A one-stop shop, all products can also be ordered online.

Based in Manistee, Michigan, USA, Dr. Shrink is an international premium shrinkwrap supplier. With a reputation for great customer service, the company provides prompt service, competitive pricing and experienced application advice.


Dr. Shrink
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