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DIS AG Welcomes Qualification Initiative of the Federal Government

* Practical experiences of DIS AG confirm: Extensive and sophisticated qualification concepts work
* Andreas Dinges: “It is time to add some life to the initiative.”

Düsseldorf – October 22, 2008. DIS AG, the market leader in hiring and placement of skilled personnel and managers, welcomed the government’s new educational initiative, which was introduced and resolved today at the educational summit in Dresden.


“In view of increasing deficits in skilled personnel, it is imperative to put underway comprehensive and future-oriented concepts”, said Andreas Dinges, Chairman of the Board of DIS AG. “Our own programmes for training, further development, and qualifications show that long-term and responsible thinking, as well as forgetting about preconceptions are extremely effective methods to counteract this omnipresent lack of skilled personnel.” Andreas Dinges welcomes the government’s efforts in that area, and sees it as a first step on the way to countermanding this lack, provided the planned federal initiative for additional qualifications will progress beyond a mere declaration of intent.

DIS AG speaks from experience, because the company has been active in all areas of qualification for years – from educational support in early childhood, right down to additional training for older employees. And DIS AG doesn’t turn its back on the youngest among us either. With its own daycare centre for its offices in Dresden – the first of its kind in the new federal states after the German reunification – the company has set itself ambitious goals: “We didn’t want to just build another daycare centre in Dresden. From day one we were working on a concept that would provide a clear educational offering to the children of our employees, without swamping them too much”, explains Andreas Dinges. The daycare centre named “Die Schlaumäuse” (Smart Alecs) will be opening its doors for 112 children by the end of the year. Flexible opening hours of the facility will offer employees of DIS AG the opportunity to carry out their jobs in the secure knowledge that their children are well looked after.
DIS AG has traditionally been taking on the role of training company. The offering for qualifications ranges from recruitment specialist right down to traineeships for BA graduates. As one of the first personnel service providers in Germany, DIS AG has been offering a comprehensive spectrum of full traineeships in the industrial engineering sector. Here, the personnel service provider cooperates with renowned companies, who add their expert know-how to the programme. Young people can therefore now also train as aircraft mechanics or mechatronics specialists.

DIS AG believes in life-long learning. Only those that stay abreast of the times, and continuously add to their education, will have a chance for a fulfilling career on the battlegrounds of the international job markets. The web-based e-Academy offers a comprehensive educational catalogue of more than 1000 courses, which is available to all employees – free of charge! DIS AG would like to offer everyone the opportunity to not only further themselves professionally, but also personally – regardless of any time or distance related obstacles.

Foreign languages, SAP courses, or time management training – the spectrum of qualifications on offer is vast. For the e-Academy, as well as for numerous training courses at the in-house academy, and customised offers for additional qualifications at each branch office, DIS AG works in cooperation with renowned industry partners, as well as government agencies. “As a personnel service provider, quality and flexibility are at the core of our business. And these values make for an important bonus in our qualification concept as well – for our employees and for our company”, Dinges adds.

Also in the IT sector, DIS AG has recognised the signs of the times. The project “Future IT” is geared at providing the type of talent with qualification that already brings enormous know-how and sought-after qualities in the area of IT to the table, but which just doesn’t have those official qualifications to show.
“If you understand that education is not a luxury, but in particular in the context of Germany, a necessary basis for employment, then you can have confidence for your future”, explains the Chairman of the Board of DIS AG. “However, you require both vision and courage to develop long-term projects from mere initiatives. The government’s qualification initiative is a first step into the right direction”, concludes Andreas Dinges.

More information regarding DIS AG is available at www.dis-ag.com.

DIS AG is one of the six biggest personnel service providers in Germany. As the market leader in hiring and placement of skilled personnel and managers, they have specialised in the segments Finance, Industry, Information Technology, Office & Management and Outsourcing & Consulting. The subsidiaries euro engineering AG (100%), euro engineering AEROSPACE GMBH (100%) and encad GmbH (100%) are offering engineering services for the engineering industry.
About 10,000 employees in 176 branch offices are working for DIS AG. Other companies belonging to the DIS AG corporate group are: DIS Consulting GmbH (100%), DIS Deutscher Industrie Service AG Österreich (100%), DIS Interim Management GmbH (100%) and Personal Innovation GmbH (100%). Following a survey conducted by the magazine Capital, DIS AG places among the “Best German Employers 2008”.

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