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DIS AG Optimises Recruitment Processes

* Opinions of applicants and employees of fundamental importance
* Nationwide survey of over 3200 people in Germany’s industry sector

Düsseldorf, July 9, 2008 – DIS AG is currently optimising their recruitment processes for the industry sector,


in order to counteract the lack of skilled employees, and to be able to satisfy future demands faster and more accurately. DIS AG has based these optimisations on nationwide surveys of over 3200 applicants and employees: “We needed an accurate summary of our current recruiting processes, in order to better identify areas, where optimisation was needed”, explained Florian Bittner, head of process management with DIS AG. “We thought it therefore prudent to go right to the source – and ask our employees and applicants.”

Almost a quarter of all people contacted participated in the survey. The questions honed in on applicants’ requirements in regards to an ideal application process. Queried were necessary components in the recruitment process, as well as what in applicants’ eyes would be the best time scales for the process.
DIS AG rewarded participants with various prizes, which were raffled off among all entries. On Tuesday, July 8, first prize, a travel voucher for EUR 1000, was presented to René Ollermann at the DIS AG branch in Munich, which specialises in industrial recruitment.

Project manager Florian Bittner is extremely satisfied with the results of the survey. “The high rate of participation of our employees, as well as the type of feedback we received, show that we are on the right track. The survey results are proof of the fact that many aspects of our applicant management are already perfectly suited to the market”, he commented.

During the course of this project, the project group received constant support from a team of experts during analysis and evaluation of the results. During the final step of process optimisation, the 53 branch offices of DIS AG will receive recommendations from the industrial division. The recruitment processes will then be adapted to better suit the requirements of applicants and the local markets.

DIS AG is one of the six biggest personnel service providers in Germany. As the market leader in hiring and placement of skilled personnel and managers, they have specialised in the segments Finance, Industry, Information Technology, Office & Management and Outsourcing & Consulting. The subsidiaries euro engineering AG (100%), euro engineering AEROSPACE GMBH (100%) and encad GmbH (100%) are offering engineering services for the engineering industry. About 10,000 employees in 176 branch offices are working for DIS AG. Other companies belonging to the DIS AG corporate group are: DIS Consulting GmbH (100%), DIS Deutscher Industrie Service AG Österreich (100%), DIS Interim Management GmbH (100%) and Personal Innovation GmbH (100%). Following a survey conducted by the magazine Capital, DIS AG places among the “Best German Employers 2008”.

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DIS Deutscher Industrie Service AG
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Head of Process Management
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