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Quality made in Germany

In Rangsdorf, 30 minutes outside Berlin, surrounded by beautiful fields and lakes, an impressive building appears. This is where Germany’s only manufacturer of solar mounting systems, Mounting Systems GmbH, is located. The company specialises in the development and manufacture of the entire product range for pitched and flat roofs, as well as solar carports and ground-mounted systems.

They have been producing their quality products ‘Made in Germany!’ for over 28 years.

In the international market, Germany as a production location stands as a guarantee for value, reliability and a high level of quality.

Both with national and international customers and trading partners, Mounting Systems’ products are in great demand and have an excellent and unique reputation in the PV industry. The
reasons for this are simple: the use of high-quality materials coupled with well thought-out, innovative concepts, short supply chains and a transparent corporate mission statement.

From the idea of a new innovative flat roof and the perfect balance between function, durability, design and cost…

The latest innovative development from Mounting Systems is the first release of the next generation of flat roof products designed for ease of installation and a multi-functional possibility.

After many in-depth consultations with installers and developers across the globe, we decided to offer a 10º South, a 15º south and a 10º east west flat roof options in just one new system. The same key components are used for all three variations, meaning by simply changing the position of the supports, the customer can have three different inclinations of the same system for mounting on flat roofs.

The new flat roof system is equipped with fully integrated cable management. Hooks are attached to the module supports, into which the installer can attach the cables between the modules. The base rail is designed to provide sufficient space for cable containment, and its cover allows the tradesman to lay the cables in a protected manner. The rails are also equipped with gutters that provide additional space for cables so that they do not have to lie in water on the roof.

Mounting Systems wants to make it as easy as possible for the installer

The new flat roof system is designed so that the installer only needs minimum tools to construct the system simple locking connections are used to ensure quick assembly throughout, rapidly reducing the overall installation time.

All key components are manufactured using the die-casting process, which means there are no sharp edges on which the tradesmen could damage cables or injure themselves.

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