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Lidar lives

She may have started life in rural England, but today ZX Lidar’s Unit #106 is tramping the complex terrain of Greece, as she helps to pioneer the country’s clean energy transition. ‘Eunice’ may be named after a sea nymph, but she’s really a star when it comes to understanding the wind.

Starting life in the Malvern Hills of Western England, ZX Lidars unit #106 was always expected to be a traveller and it wasn’t long before she had traded the rolling hills of the UK for the far more challenging landscape of Greece. Now named after one of the mythical Nereides – sea nymphs of Greek legend – ‘Eunice’ was soon on her way to Athens to live with her new family, leading renewable energy developers the Eunice Energy Group.

Today, nearly 15 years later, she is still there travelling the Greek islands and helping to map the nation’s wind resources as it pivots towards a clean energy future. Indeed, the capabilities of a wind lidar make it the standout choice for gathering wind resource data. Eunice is now a wind measurement veteran but is still providing a top-class service helping to optimise the latest wind developments alongside existing wind farms across the region.

The only choice

The first stop on her travels was the headquarters of Eunice Energy Group in Athens. The first and only energy company in Greece to generate power exclusively from renewables, Eunice Energy Group is one of the region’s premier renewable energy companies and holds a significant position on the international energy map. With many years of experience in the development of innovative and integrated solutions for the production and use of renewables, the group executes large-scale PV, storage and wind projects.

Eunice Energy Group also manufactures EV chargers and its own in-house wind turbine, the EW16 Thetis, as well as working in the emerging fields of smart energy management and e-mobility. Putting innovation at the heart of its business and facing increased demand for wind measurement campaigns within its project development pipeline, the Group looked to expand its capabilities.

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