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Under the surface

Scott Gardiner and Stefan Bill represent REWITEC, a company whose technology aims to promote the longevity and efficiency of systems, machinery and gearboxes. Founded in Germany in 2003, REWITEC was acquired by Croda in 2019, forming part of their Performance Technologies sector. This was then itself acquired by Cargill in July 2022. PES took the opportunity to speak to them about the acquisition and the company’s plans for the future of turbine repair and restoration.

PES: It is lovely to speak to you both. Perhaps it would be useful for our readers if we began with a little bit of background to Cargill and the Croda takeover. It’s the smart materials and energy technology sectors that are now under Cargill, is that right? 

Scott Gardiner: That’s right. As of July 1 2022, both of those sectors formally became part of Cargill Inc.  

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