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The power of stability in extreme weather conditions

L:TEC means unmatched stability and safety for solar trackers, even in 400 kph winds or severe hail.

The ever-evolving renewable energy landscape demands solar tracking systems to meet new regulatory requirements and engineering challenges. Increasingly frequent extreme weather and terrain flexibility are the most complex and pressing design concerns. Over the last 15 years, IDEEMATEC’s specialty has been following challenging terrain, building the design and engineering expertise that made L:TEC the industry benchmark.

Recent extreme weather events globally have shown that high winds and hail events cause catastrophic damage to unprepared solar installations. IDEEMATEC’s THOR-Stow hail damage prevention strategy is the next level of added protection when paired with the rock-solid stability of the L:TEC tracker platform. These software and hardware innovations create the most comprehensive safety net for the substantial investments made in solar parks.

The L:TEC 1P is continuously tested by CCP Wind Engineering Consultants for aeroelastic stability. In recent tests, a special configuration of the L:TEC 1P tracker proved its stability in the wind tunnel, reaching speeds of 400 kph. This industry-first stability comes from the combination of IDEEMATEC’s decoupled drive and configurable multiple locking points. High-wind regions have now become prime locations for its trackers.

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