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The core of the matter

Without a doubt, storage systems are key to a successful energy transition.

In the past months we have discussed production volumes, delivery times, supply chains and technical support comprehensively. But what about the ‘inner qualities’ of energy storage solutions? Are they interchangeable today, or what are the differences and features to watch out for? Although invisible from the outside, the battery cells are the core components of any battery storage system. Together with AD Huang, Head of the BYD Battery-Box business, we take a look behind the scenes of the production and shed light on what material, production processes and components make a high-quality battery.

PES: With the need for battery storage systems the market landscape has grown. What are the most important differences that buyers should take into account?

AD Huang: When purchasing a battery storage system, buyers should consider factors such as manufacturer track record, the power output, warranty, safety, and compatibility of the system. On paper, most of the solutions on the market may look very similar, so the manufacturer’s experience in your specific use case may be the difference between a successful project and many weeks of troubleshooting.

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