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Taking the complexity out of offshore working

HeliOIS is on a mission to optimise travel time for the offshore industry. With tailormade aviation solutions companies save money, employees save time, and surprisingly, tailormade aviation solutions also seem to save CO2.

The commute to work for an offshore technician may very well look like this: Wakes up in his home. Drives two hours in his car to the airport in Copenhagen, Denmark. Flies to Amsterdam, Holland. Waits a few hours in the airport and flies on to Aberdeen, Scotland. Stays at a hotel overnight. Rents a car and drives to Inverness, Scotland, and finally boards a CTV that takes him and his colleagues to the wind park. 

Now imagine instead, the whole crew meets in Copenhagen Airport, flies directly to Inverness in a chartered aircraft, where a helicopter awaits and takes them to the wind park. All this at a similar or smaller cost than travelling individually. 

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