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Strengthening the industry

PES is proud to welcome back Egbert Wenninger, Vice President, Sales Glass Technology of Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH (Grenzebach). We pressed him on recent business partnerships, product development and more.

PES: We note that Grenzebach has formed a recent partnership with Algoscan. Can you explain a little about this business and what you intend to offer clients?
Egbert Wenninger: Top quality of the finished product is a pre-requisite to the success of any company. Inspection systems that discover defaults or production faults at an early stage ensure optimum machine and material usage and help to avoid unnecessary waste of material and costs. Algoscan is a recognised expert in the field of optical surface inspection designed for optical quality measurement, and process inspection in the production of glass, solar modules and veneer products.

As you will know, Grenzebach is one of the leading manufacturers of lines and equipment for the production of flat and float glass, PV Thin film modules and – through our affiliate in Bad Hersfeld – also for drying and slicing machinery for top quality veneer.

So our new partner’s technology perfectly complements our production programme of handling, processing and automation technology. The new member of the Grenzebach family will operate under the name of Grenzebach Algoscan GmbH and will contribute greatly to the efficiency and high performance of our production lines and – for the user – to reach best production results and yield.

PES: Your company specialises in producing tailor-made projects for your clients. Wouldn’t it be just as effective (and cheaper) for you to offer generic systems?
EW: Each plant has its own specific characteristics and this is what our customers want to preserve. This specificity encompasses not only different substrate sizes but also highly differing manufacturing technologies. The individual machines, however, involve a high degree of standardisation and are merely configured for the specific application. This also applies to the control system and to the Grenzebach MES system.

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