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Smart batteries

PES had a great exchange with Tynan Coles, CEO at Soltaro. Did you know there are now smart batteries? It seems that we are in a period where software can be added to anything to improve performance. We heard today about the built in possibilities, which allow the user to control the output of the batteries.
Read on to find out more about this revolution in the solar battery world.

PES: Welcome to PES Solar, it’s good to talk with you. Could we begin with a brief overview of Soltaro?

Tynan Coles: Soltaro is an Australian solar battery manufacturer established in 2016. Our partners have over 30 years’ experience in the Solar PV industry. The company was established to design and engineer smart battery systems that would not only have lower paybacks on their investments, but would also provide stable and consistent power supply for the end user.

PES: We have been hearing about your smart batteries, could you tell us about
the different models available and how
they work?

TC: Smart batteries are effectively solar battery systems with software that utilises lower tariffs and excess solar to further decrease the power dependence of the energy grid.

Currently our software works with our domestic All-In-One product range but will soon be available for our commercial battery solutions.

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