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Shaping the future of residential energy production

Amidst the renovation wave unrolling in the EU, smart and scalable local energy generation solutions are in high demand, with solar power being one of the major instruments. While many still believe that installing solar panels on top of an existing roof is a good solution, there are better alternatives. Solarstone, leading producer of building-integrated PV (BIPV) solutions in the Nordics, offers modern and affordable in-roof systems where solar panels serve a double function: roof covering and power production at the same time.

When Solarstone was founded, the solar panel market was mature; innovation was driven by materials science, but there were limited possibilities for the application of solar panels. Existing solar solutions available on the market were either too expensive or unfit for various reasons, mainly poor aesthetic appeal. For Solarstone’s founders it made sense to cover new-build and retrofit roofs with 2 in 1 solar.


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