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See what hurts your blades before it damages your business

As wind turbines grow exponentially in size, so do the challenges associated with maintaining them. The industry’s issue lies in the scarcity of personnel willing to perform these high-altitude tasks, compounded by the increasing size of turbines which escalates downtime costs. Aerones is revolutionizing wind turbine maintenance with robotic solutions, enhancing efficiency, safety, and accessibility.

It is estimated that an additional 240,000 new workers will be needed in the wind power industry over the next five years. Recognizing this, Aerones has developed robots to streamline these maintenance processes, making them more efficient and secure.

Lightning strikes are a frequent issue, causing substantial damage to turbines. Aerones leads the industry in rapid and efficient lightning protection system inspections, by providing exact measurements of resistance, detecting open circuits, and providing receptor oxidation cure or receptor replacement. Its services extend to lightning protection system tests, technical checkups, and drainage hole cleaning. It provides a comprehensive solution, covering drone and internal inspections, plus lightning protection system tests.


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