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Securing solar parks against theft and vandalism using video surveillance

Given finite resources and an increasing demand for energy, renewable energies rank as one of the most important sources of electricity for the future. An expansion in their use is of key importance in many countries, to guarantee their energy supply and make it more climate-friendly. The topic of energy transition has made it onto the political agenda and not only in Germany, but also in other European countries. At the same time, European solutions are also being worked on transnationally. According to the European Green Deal, Europe wants to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

In this regard, wind and solar energy are the most important renewable energy sources. The use of sun and wind as energy sources plays a fundamental role in the development of economically viable and climate-friendly energy supplies.

High security requirements in the power generation sector

The expansion of renewable energies, especially in the area of photovoltaics, means the number of solar parks is also increasing. Valuable building materials are used and high-quality components employed. However, criminals are also aware of the value of these components. Solar modules, cabling and transformers fetch good prices on the black market and are thus popular with burglars. In solar parks, thieves mainly target inverters.

Due to supply shortages, especially during the coronavirus crisis of the last year, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to replace them. As a result, solar park operators have suffered financial losses in the mid-six-figure range in some cases. Acts of sabotage on solar plants are also being reported more and more frequently. The damage ranges from broken fences to the destruction of modules.

Due to the plants’ remote locations and inadequate security, criminals often have an easy time of it. They effectively gravitate towards the parks’ poor and fragmentary security. For the most part, these plants are only equipped with simple fence protection. This is no obstacle for planned thefts, particularly by professional thieves or organised gangs. As a rule, solar parks are located far away from housing estates and regularly frequented areas. Burglars can thus carry out their stealing almost undisturbed.

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