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Resident robotics for continuous data collection

As large, unmanned, remote structures that are open to the elements, wind farms both on and offshore are often subject to performance related issues that need to be addressed to remain cost effective and maximise efficiency. With the market growing faster than it is possible for personnel recruitment to keep pace with, overcoming these challenges may just mean a greater reliance on remote technology. PES was eager to speak to Boaz Peled, Founder & CEO of First Airborne, to get his thoughts on the subject.

PES: Welcome to PES, I’m looking forward to our conversation today. To get us started would you mind giving a brief introduction to First Airborne for readers who might not know?

Boaz Peled: Certainly, First Airborne provides resident, robotics-based performance and inspection services, unmanned and tailored to wind farms on and offshore. Our Resident Airborne Services (RAS) platform, features marine worthy docking stations, high wind resistant aircraft, proprietary wind measurement instrumentation, and importantly a SaaS tool. Combined, these enable operators to recover significant income, reduce maintenance costs, increase availability, and eliminate longstanding logistic and economic inefficiencies.


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