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Producing 100 per cent of the energy while expending 50 per cent less silicon and energy

Sustainability is at the heart of how business is carried out at Sovello, the German-based company, Romy Haase-Dotschko their spokesman says. Now one of the world’s largest module manufactures, their STRING RIBBON wafers are produced through an economically and ecologically-balanced production process. “That’s how we preserve our environment over the long term,” he adds …

Romy goes on: “It‘s what makes the effectiveness of our modules stand out. It comes from a high level of efficiency and the world’s shortest energy payback time compared to products of its kind made by other manufacturers (1.25 years based on our own value creation).

“At our location, we have already produced more than a million modules. Our poly-crystalline silicon PV modules have the smallest carbon footprint in comparison with products of its kind made by other manufacturers. Our highly- automated production system involves the entire value added chain from drawing the wafers directly out of the silicon cast to manufacturing high efficiency cells right up to the complete operational module. With the STRING RIBBON wafers, we can optimally co-ordinate all of the production stages and reduce the number of resource intensive steps. The advantage is optimal use of resources and consistently high quality of our highly efficient modules.

“For us, innovation and technological progress are the basis for a cleaner, sustainable energy source for the future. That is why we invest in important activities in research and development so we continuously improve the performance of our products. At the same time, we ensure consistently high quality standards for our products. Sovello is already among the best in the field today.


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