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Playing a role in the solar revolution

PES was fascinated to hear from Piotr Markowski, Chief Executive Officer at Corab, about the company’s transition from satellite dish production to PV systems. How is it putting its expertise in the manufacture of steel and aluminium products to good use and what are the similarities in terms of quality, safety and now, market demand as well? 

PES: It’s lovely to welcome you to PES Piotr. It would be great to begin with a brief introduction to Corab for readers who may not be familiar with your name.

Piotr Markowski: It’s great to be here. Corab is a leading European company producing photovoltaic systems. We have been present in the photovoltaic market for over a decade now. We began locally in Poland, and are now present across Europe. Annually we deliver roughly 1.5 GW in PV systems.

PES: You’ve been producing steel and aluminium products for many years, but began with work in the satellite industry, is that right?



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