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Launching a green future at sea

With two new buildings currently in the process of the final details at a China shipyard, Danish offshore shipping company MHO-Co already has the next generations on the drawing board. ‘Go green or go home’, the founder bluntly stated in a previous article and he and his staff continually practice what they preach. Following a straight course since establishing the business in 2015, CEO and Founder Mik Henriksen continues to design and develop new sustainable vessels in a seemingly endless process. 

As a key player in the operation of existing and new offshore wind farms, when you contribute to the green transition, you must, of course, lead the way with your own operation. Hence, the ongoing development of larger, more efficient and even greener offshore wind turbines. ‘We need to do our part of the job and take responsibility for everything we can do in our part of the field,’ Mik Henriksen emphasises.

By early 2024 MHO-Co expects the latest two new buildings to be in operation and with 36 meters LOA they will not only be the world’s largest CTVs. The new vessels will also be the most sustainable in the market, with the world’s first full electrical propulsion, as the shipping company takes a significant step towards zero emissions.

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