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Some people’s enthusiasm for an industry that can often seem impersonal and product-centered might wane after a few years. Not so Uwe Schenk, Product Manager of HELUWIND Cables. His passion for the wind business remains as intact now as it was when he joined a burgeoning industry, more than a decade ago. PES spoke to him about his work and the company …

PES: Welcome to PES magazine, can you firstly explain a little about your role and how it impacts upon the wind industry?
Uwe Schenk: I am the Product Manager for HELUWIND Cables at the German-based cable manufacturer HELUKABEL. I see myself as a sparring partner for my counterparts at wind turbine manufacturers. In each meeting we learn from each other and try to find the best possible solution.

PES: How did you first become involved in the industry?
US: The wind power Industry is challenging for component suppliers. There are more than enough companies offering standard products for these special applications and environments. But in the long-run those products won’t provide the expected performance. Loop cables for example – they have to absorb torsion up to +/- 1200°. Traditional flexible cables will break after a short period of operation. I have seen the damages more than once. Manufacturing wind turbine cables requires special technical competence and a principal understanding of the conditions. This specialization, the focus on a rapidly-growing industry that requires permanently new product developments is the reason why I wanted to become involved and take care of that field of activity.

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