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Guiding the waves

Radac is actively engaged in innovative developments through joint industry projects, harnessing a collaborative approach and a keen thirst for knowledge. Customer-centric, it thrives on working closely with clients, understanding their needs, and delivering effective solutions. While product development is significant, the company’s core lies in fostering knowledge and insights. This article sheds light on its contribution to a joint industry project (JIP) and the profound insights gained throughout the endeavour.

The Offshore Operation Advisory System (OOAS) Project, elevating operational efficiency

The joint industry venture with partners such as Marin (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands), Acta Marin, SMST, Next Ocean, and MO4 aims to improve the operability of vessels involved in the installation, O&M phase and decommissioning of offshore wind farms, by giving upfront advice for the planning and execution of critical offshore operations. This improves efficiency, reduces downtime, lowers LCoE and reduces the CO2 footprint of offshore operations.

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