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Enhancing safety protocols: the new age of training

The very nature of the energy sector demands an emphasis on safety. We are taking the very essence of power and attempting to harness it, transferring it into applications that run every core component of our entire way of life. Dangerous work requires extraordinary people to manage it, and a rigorous safety regime to ensure that we don’t lose control, even for a single moment. Safety training is therefore paramount, but could virtual reality signal a new era?

Safety training in high-risk industries has always been a high-concept, high-cost necessity that often doesn’t stick the landing. It’s a catch-22 that companies struggle with. You can do as many on-site demonstrations and all-day seminars as you want, but neither is going to ever replicate the complex conditions that could require immediate action to resolve. At least, that was the case before the emergence of virtual reality (VR) as a safety training delivery platform.

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