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Developing a sustainable PV framework: an opportunity for impact

April 2022 saw an important landmark event: 1 TW of globally installed solar capacity.  Solar power entered the terawatt age. It is staggering to consider that solar power is set to double to over 2 TW within the next three years.  Alongside this rapidly growing market is an increasing narrative regarding environmental costs and social impact to secure resources for the production and transportation of renewables. There are also growing concerns regarding land use for solar projects. 

Value network, more than the value chain 

How do we move forward with rapid growth and embrace sustainability as a ‘PV Value Network’? And why a value network rather than value chain? A chain can be seen as having a start and end point, and yet how the PV industry influences the broader social and economic system is vast. A PV Value Network has a real sense of interconnectedness spanning the constellation of inputs and outputs. 

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