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At a time of fast and significant growth for the wind industry, how can businesses navigate the landscape and convince potential customers that what they offer is tangible? Is it time to call in the experts to help really get to grips with your business development, to cut through the noise and devise effective marketing strategies, investment, operations and sales processes that stand out from the crowd? PES sat down with Jamie Allan, Founder and CEO of Allan Panthera, to get his view. 

PES: Hi Jamie, it’s good to talk to you. Could you introduce your business to readers who might not know Allan Panthera?

Jamie Allan: Likewise, great to speak to you too. Allan Panthera is a global, award winning, independent, multi-disciplinary commercial consultancy. What that means is we provide a range of services which fall into different disciplines and offer these across a variety of business sectors based on our inherent expertise. 

Our ethos is one of confidentiality, integrity, and mutual trust and respect. 

We have offices in the UK, Middle East and North America, with our core sectors including energy, marine, disruptive technology, drones/UAVs, legal, and professional sport.


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