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Beyond blades: bird safety amid renewable growth

The upsurge of renewable energy is critical to the future of our planet. However, wind farms can have an adverse impact on birds and other wildlife. Sibylle Giraud, VP Wind and Environmental Practice at Robin Radar Systems, discusses some of the latest technologies and solutions that can help reduce bird mortality at wind farms.

PES: It’s very nice to speak with you Sibylle and get to know more about Robin Radar Systems. How long has the company focused on wildlife protection and particularly avian protection?

Sibylle Giraud: Our goal has always been to create a safer, more secure world for humans and wildlife. Before the inception of Robin as a company, it was a research project within TNO, the Dutch Research Institute for Applied Science. When our CEO, Siete Hamminga, spun out the business in 2010, the focus was to prevent collisions between birds and planes.

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