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Achieving energy independence during challenging times

It’s no secret that supply chain issues have affected the sector since the pandemic first began, intensified further by the war in Ukraine. Timely then, for PES to speak once again with Ignacio Juan Revilla Fernandez, Head of Tracker Operations at Soltec, about how the company is overcoming current challenges.

PES: A warm welcome back to PES. I’m looking forward to hearing the latest news from Soltec. How have things been going since we last spoke?

Ignacio Juan Revilla Fernandez: It is a pleasure to be with you again. Quite a lot of work, to be honest. It has been a busy year for Soltec. A new line of business has been opened and we live in a continuous process of growth and adaptation. Soltec has very good expectations for the future.

PES: As an industry, these are busy times. I trust that is also the case for Soltec?

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