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Prevention is better than cure

Video surveillance provides an excellent deterrent against intruders on solar farms. Just as the technology never switches off, neither does the research and production of the systems themselves, particularly when it’s in such high demand.

Providing remote video monitoring for solar farms is a 24/7 operation so it’s perhaps only fitting that the production of the monitoring systems themselves should be just as seamless.

The development of these systems requires a distinct level of expertise and innovation, so keeping the entire process from initial ideas phase through to final manufacture and even rental under one roof makes sense. This is a market that is already in demand and likely to become even more so in the future, so it’s a busy business, where any downtime is most often spent researching, developing and refining ideas to make such systems even better.

As the popularity of green energy has increased significantly in recent years, so solar farm security is becoming increasingly more important as time goes on. Often located in remote areas, where there are no passers-by that can spot unwanted guests or act as a deterrent, solar farm security camera towers with a good and clear coverage over a widespread area are now quite commonly used. Monitoring these cameras is, of course, just as important as having them there at all and this is where the round-the-clock remote surveillance really comes into its own.

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