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Thinking small to make it big

PES caught up with Dr. Daniel Faltermeier, Founder and Managing Partner of helioconsult, to see how the pandemic and its aftermath has impacted the market for small scale renewable energy systems. Could flexibility hold the key to high market demand in this sector?

PES: Welcome to PES Daniel, it’s great to meet you again. Perhaps we can start off with an introduction to helioconsult and an overview of what you do?

Dr. Daniel Faltermeier: Thank you for having me. It is always a pleasure to talk to you.

helioconsult is a German based independent engineering provider for any type of renewable energy systems. Because of a high market demand in the last couple of years, we are currently most focused on photovoltaics (PV).

Also, the background of our employees is mainly in PV. Most of us have been in the business already for decades, so you could say this is our sweet spot.

With our services we help to decrease the technical and financial risks for our customers, developing, erecting, operating or investing in renewable energy systems. Our customers come from different sides of the spectrum. For example, on the one hand, we work for large investors and banks, for large system in the multi-MWp-range, but also for small private companies investing in small commercial rooftop projects.

In fact, for smaller systems up to 750kWp, we have developed a highly standardized bundle of services which are highly flexible and cost efficient, so customers in this range can also have access to advanced quality services, which are usually only common for large scale projects.

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