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Size Matters!

The photovoltaics market continues to grow: the cumulative installed PV capacity in Europe reached 151.7GW at the end of 2020. The potential for both residential and commercial applications is still huge. But the market requirements change. In addition to larger modules with higher outputs, visual aesthetics play an increasingly important role. This also influences the requirements for assembly systems. PES spoke with Christoph Dorscht, Head of Mounting Structure Division of IBC SOLAR, to discuss current trends and why size certainly matters.

PES: Welcome back to PES. For the benefit of our readers, would you like to introduce the company and briefly explain how you serve the PV industry?

Christoph Dorscht: IBC SOLAR is a provider of photovoltaic and energy solutions offering tailor-made systems ranging from individual solar panels to complete PV systems. For almost 40 years, our company has shaped the development of solar energy as a source of regenerative energy and implemented photovoltaic systems with an output of 5,4 gigawatts throughout Europe and around the globe.

Together with more than 1,000 specialist partners worldwide we support clients from planning to fulfilment of photovoltaic systems. We attribute great importance to choosing the best suited solutions. This includes the quality of each component as well as optimal pairing of components, which we also test extensively.

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