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Winds of change

Angelika Pullen, Policy & Communications Director, Global Wind Energy Council.

With wind power predicted to deliver 34% of the world’s electricity by 2050, Angelika Pullen takes a look at how the future of energy is not only bright, but also decidedly green. Corporate leaders are walking a different path in their efforts to reduce carbon footprints, in a bid to ensure their companies remain one step ahead of the competition. Is corporate policy finally blowing in a different direction?


The Global Energy Challenge
The 21st century will be marked by a ‘Global Energy Challenge’ that requires urgent action in three areas: tackling the threat of climate change, meeting the rising demand for energy and safeguarding the security of energy supply.

World energy demand is expected to grow at a staggering rate over the next 25 years. In it’s recently published World Energy Outlook 2006, the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that the world’s energy needs will grow by over 50% by 2030. Increasingly, Governments are realising the threats that the current shaky supply situation is posing to their economic growth. Over-reliance on energy imports from few, mostly politically unstable countries and volatile oil and gas prices are already now inflicting a multi-billion euro drain on the global economies.

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